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Optical Fibre Splice Closure

The Optical Fibre Splice Closure provides a perfect solution for the protection of the junction points of optical fibre from environment, vibration, aggressive media, stress circling, impact and water. It may be used in underground, aerial, butt joint and direct buried applications.


  • Compact and modular design for easy installation
  • Comprises of a Dome and a Base
  • Suitable for all types of optical fibre cables
  • Water proof and air tight
  • Excellent cable clamping and FRP holding arrangement for all cables
  • Cable ports sealing through Thermo Shrink Sleeves
  • Repeatedly open able mechanical sealing of Base and Dome eliminating clumsy heat shrink procedure for sealing
  • Provides straight through or branched out joints upto four cables & entry for one uncut cable
  • Contains Fibre Organizer trays to hold fibre splice, one tray holding upto 24 splices
  • Capacity to accommodate upto 6 nos. of Fibre Organizer trays and house upto 144 splices
  • Complete kit with consumables available

Designed to provide maximum protection of optical component