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Domestic Cable / House Wiring Cable

Shriram Telelink:- Shriram Telelink. is a Domestic Cable Manufacturer providing such high-quality House Wiring Cables We have been in the business of Domestic Cables for more than twenty years, and have built our reputation through innovative design features and an unflagging dedication to use the best materials and the best manufacturing processes in the production of all cables. Our Domestic Cables and house wiring products are guaranteed and far exceed the ISI certifications. Our Electrical Building Cables are tested at every step of the manufacturing process by experienced engineers, and we are known throughout the construction industry for our quality control, modern manufacturing capabilities and design and manufacturing personnel.

Conductor:- All of our copper conductors are made from high conductivity copper rods. These 8 mm diameter rods are made from 99.97% pure, electrolytic grade, bright annealed bare copper with an excess of 100% conductivity. This grade of copper guarantees a low energy loss due to line irregularities and inefficiencies which can result in lower electric usage. The rod is drawn to the required wire size for the wire that is being manufactured. Annealed plain copper conductors used in flexible cables and cords conform to the requirements of table 3 Class 5 of IS:8130 -1984. Custom sizes can also be made for specific customer needs, as well as custom colors for job specific requirements.

Insulation:- SRTL House wires are mainly available readily in PVC insulations & also manufactured in various other insulations like, FR PVC / FRLS PVC / HR PVC / Zero Halogen & PTFE With HR PVC.