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Grounding Kits

To divert transient currents from lightning of the transmission line to an earth grounding system and to prevent damage of telecom tower and equipment, A grounding kit is used. grounding kits are designed by Shriram Telelink to withstand all possible lightning strikes for certainty of continued operation. The non-braided, solid copper construction of grounding kits eliminates corrosion caused by moisture retention.

Accessories supplied with Grounding Kit :

  1. PVC Tape 50mm wide, 10 mtr Length (Make Wonder Achem )
  2. Butyle Rubber Tape 50 mm wide, 1000mm Length.
  3. Copper Lug and SS Bolt M6X40mm along with Nut and plain Washe

Shriram Telelink has also Developed a new Perfect Ground kit that offers greater installation ease than standard grounding kits. The new grounding kits are factory assembled into one components and feature a pre-formed, clip-on ground strap for easy snap-on installation. A standard weatherproofing kit (tape) and a weatherproofing boot is supplied with this Ground version.